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Q. Does the TAB bra have to fit this firm around the midriff?


A. Yes, it should be fit firmly enough around the midriff so that there is no movement that results in the bra moving up in the front or the back. No movement of the bra should take place when hands are raised above your head. If you have these symptoms of movement, you have been fitted too loosely and you may find the bra uncomfortable. The secret to the comfort of the bra is that it is fit firmly around the midriff so there is no longer any movement and therefore no rubbing, chafing or irritation.



Q. I find I am quite perky


A. Yes, remember the bra is new and it has not been washed. It will round out in a about a week or two. Clothes are designed so that the apex of your breast is one-half the way between your shoulder and your elbow. When you are positioned here, your clothes will fit you better. Also, it can help with circulation, lymphatic drainage, better posture and easier breathing. Your new look may take a little time for you to adjust to, and then any other position will look abnormal! Please be patient and get used to your new healthy and youthful look.



Q. The TAB bra is rolling under in the front and is uncomfortable.


A. This is caused by one of two things: The bra is fitted too loosely and is riding up in the back and rolling under in the front. Or, the bra straps have been loosened so the bra is hanging down off the shoulders instead of being pulled up and the breast weight is being shifted back off the shoulders. So check the tightness of the fit or the tension of the straps to fit this position.



Q. I am getting some wrinkling in the cup.


A. Your TAB bra may have some wrinkling in the cup before it is adjusted. If it continues after the adjustments it indicates that it may have been fitted too large or the straps were lowered too much. This may cause the fit in the bra cups to shift and leave wrinkles.



Q. I find that I get very fatigued in my shoulders or my back and rib area when I wear the bra


A. Absolutely! When you take the time to ensure that all the tissue is forward and pulled in from under the arm you are retraining this “wayward” tissue to come back to where it was meant to be and this will increase circulation, drainage, and best of all, will reshape your breasts over time. Be diligent each day and your diligence will pay off.



Q. I find that I breathe differently when I have TAB bra on?


A. Yes, many women experience a totally different way of breathing when they have the TAB bra on, and some even experience a bit of light headedness. The TAB bra sits lower on the back than other bras and this re-distributes the weight of the breasts across the whole back, rather than the neck and the shoulders. The bra lifts the weight of the breasts off the diaphragm and allows for a better airflow. The straps help to pull the shoulders back and open up the chest area to allow a freer airflow, as well.



Q. Does the TAB bra work well as a sports bra?


A. Absolutely! It is one of the best sports bras available on the market. It has no “bounce” factor due to the fact that the TAB bra is made without any elastic in the bra or the straps, and is therefore fitted firmly to the body. Again, it helps to open up our breathing capacity and helps in all of our physical training and exercise activities.



Q. Could the TAB Bra be used as a maternity bra?


A. Yes! The TAB bra does not have elastic in the bra, so it can not be as flexible as a lycra bra for the beginning stage of breast feeding; but as everything settles, the TAB bra offers the best support for a nursing mother providing the best circulation possible.



Q. Would the TAB bra work well for a mastectomy client?


A. The TAB bra is very comfortable for mastectomy clients. The prosthetic can be inserted easily into the triangular holder part of the bra, and because there is no elastic in the bra or the straps, the weight of the prosthetic does not stretch out the bra and the straps. This greatly helps to keep the clients posture correct and eliminates much of the shifting of the prosthetic in the bra as the client is wearing the bra.



Q. What is the best way to care for my TAB bra?


A. To guarantee the best wear and long life from the TAB bra, you should hand wash the bra in a basin with warm water and a very soft liquid soap (i.e. Forever New or Zero). After rinsing it, gently roll it up in a towel to remove the excess water from the bra. Afterwards, hang the bra with the shelf exposed to the air for most rapid drying.



Q. I am experiencing itchiness as I wear the TAB bra. Am I allergic to the fabric?


A. Generally, the fabric next to the breast tissue is 100% cotton. The itchiness is likely caused by the fact that the circulation in your breasts has increased dramatically. Remember, your breast tissue is being redirected and the increased support helps to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage. The itchiness should not last more than two to three weeks. If you experience a tingling or itchy sensation, this is a very healthy sign. If you want, you can apply a non-toxic lotion or cream to your breasts when you take the bra off to soothe the sensation.