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The Ottawa Bra Clinic offers healthy bra choices to those with bra issues. We are a "government medical device licensed" supplier, of custom fit specialty bras, including orthopedic and post-surgical bras, energywear compression garments, and other shapewear.

Did you know you can get a PRESCRIPTION for a bra?

Certified Bra Fitter, Michele Bourque, provides a private and comfortable bra fitting and consultation experience to help you make the most of your natural beauty and ensure the best fit for your body type. Your bra may even be covered by your health plan!


Having a Favourite Comfortable Bra is Possible … 


COMFORT + FAVOURITE + BRA.  With 145 bra sizes, three different styles and up to three different colours (black, beige, and pink), Ottawa Bra Clinic will match you with a suitable bra, no matter what your bra issue or size. 


We specialize in resolving bra issues for:

  • Smaller/bigger midriff

  • Larger or smaller breasts

  • Larger back

  • Nursing moms

  • Mastalgia (breast pain)

  • Mastectomy / lumpectomy

  • Breast reconstruction 

  • Sport support

  • Sore back, sore neck and/or shoulders

  • Poor posture


FEATURING custom-fit orthopedic and post-surgical bras, tanks, long panty, shapewear that hugs; and compression energywear
(comfortable active wear for all adults - the brand we sell competes with well-known yoga and competitive sports undergarments), and are covered under most 3rd party health insurance plans.


COMFORT is just a bra-fitting appointment away!

  • Our bras fit differently than department store bras. 

  • There are no underwires in our bras.

  • There is soft cotton next to the breast tissue and under the arms.

  • Our bras provide optimal support and comfort.

  • Our bras have directional guides to keep the girls in front where they are supposed to be, and to ensure proper circulation of the breast tissue.

  • To get the best fit for you, be measured by Michele, a certified bra fitter.

  • Want to avoid shopping-centre crowds and waiting in line? 

  • Want to park right by the door? Or have a home bra fitting session?

  • Want to get fitted now, and keep your info on file so you have the option to simply call in your next order?



  • [Make an appointment now to be fitted here at Ottawa Bra Clinic, a comfortable, quiet and private environment, with quick and easy laneway parking right by the door. 

  • Or, if you are a senior and/or disabled, request a house call and be fitted in the comfort of your own home (at no extra charge.)

  • Ask about a bra party or home fitting clinic at your own home for you and 10-15 friends. If 5 bras are sold, you get your bra for free! ​

  • We carry 145 sizes in stock (28A to 44KK), so we may already have the perfect fit here.

  • Adjustments or alterations, if needed, are covered in the price! Your bra may require alterations by a qualified professional seamstress (we provide) for a really perfect fit.

  • We’ll give you the attention you need; and we’ll have you wear your new bra for 10-15 minutes, we’ll note any adjustments needed to refine the fit, and we’ll get it done.]

Book your private appointment today. [In order to do our part towards social distancing, bra fittings will only be done via Zoom & Skype until further notice. Buy online at our obconline.ca shop, we're still up and running online. If you are a past customer & need alterations, contact ottawabraclinic.ca and order directly through Michele. She has your last alterations on file & can replicate if you want the same previous alterations.]

Your soon-to-be favourite bra awaits.

Our clients’ feedback makes us smile …


 “…Thank you for coming to my home and fitting me with a new bra. This is the second bra I have bought from you. You certainly make a person feel comfortable while being fitted. I do think providing to seniors, or those with disabilities, in their home is a real blessing, and I’m sure much appreciated…” – Affectionately, Ruth M.”

“… offers a very personal service, is understanding and respectful of privacy, and she is knowledgeable about the structure and fabrics that best work to support you.” - Jennifer C.


IN-PERSON BRA FITTINGS ARE ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (please book a ZOOM or SKYPE appointment for a bra fitting online by Michele Bourque.]

When in-person fittings resume:

For example:

  • I will be wearing a mask and will provide a disposable mask for the client (you are welcome to wear your own mask.)

  • I will bring a range of bras particular to your size range, and any that are tried on and not purchased will be isolated for one week before they are available again.

  • The tape measure will be sanitized after each client.

  • I practice proper hand washing/use sanitizer.

Ideally I will do the bra fitting session at your home. And fittings at The Ottawa Bra Clinic (free parking) are also possible. Fitting sessions normally range from 15 minutes up to 45 minutes to ensure the perfect style and fit. There is no charge for fitting you at your home instead of at The Ottawa Bra Clinic location. The fitting itself is free.

Michele Bourque, Overview Video, Ottawa Bra Centre

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