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Michele Bourque, Certified Bra Fitter, and owner of the Ottawa Bra Clinic

Look Good and Feel Amazing

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Bras and
Compression Wear

The Ottawa Bra Clinic provides healthy choices, especially for individuals facing bra-related challenges and circulation issues. We are an authorized supplier of orthopaedic and post-surgical bras, compression garments and shapewear products backed by a medical device establishment license. We carry shapewear in sizes XS to 2X.

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Did you know you can get a PRESCRIPTION for a bra?

Have health issues that an orthopaedic bra could help? Ask your doctor for a PRESCRIPTION for an orthopaedic bra because your bra may be covered by third-party private health plans like through your work!

Certified Bra Fitting Session

Michele Bourque, our Certified Bra Fitter, provides a private and comfortable bra fitting and consultation experience. She helps enhance your natural beauty and ensures the perfect fit for your body type.

Book Ottawa Bra Clinic Fitting
Having a Favourite Comfortable Bra is Possible … 

COMFORT + FAVOURITE + BRA. Indulge in comfort with your favourite bra at Ottawa Bra Clinic. With 145 bra sizes, three styles, and three colors (black, beige, and pink), we'll find the perfect match for you, no matter your size or bra issue.

We specialize in resolving bra issues such as:
  • Smaller/bigger midriff

  • Larger or smaller breasts

  • Larger back

  • Nursing moms

  • Mastalgia (breast pain)

  • Mastectomy / lumpectomy

  • Breast reconstruction 

  • Sport support

  • Sore back, sore neck and/or shoulders

  • Poor posture


Featuring custom-fit orthopaedic and post-surgical bras, tanks, long panty, and shapewear that hugs, as well as compression energywear for adults. Our brand competes with well-known yoga and competitive sports undergarments. Check with your 3rd party health insurance plan for coverage amounts.

COMFORT is just a bra-fitting appointment away!

  • Our bras fit differently than department store bras. 

  • There are no underwires in our bras - so well designed don't need wires.

  • Soft cotton lining next to the breast tissue and under the arms.

  • Optimal support and comfort. 

  • Directional guides ensure proper placement of the breast tissue and circulation. 

  • Get measured by Michele, certified bra fitter, for the perfect fit. 

  • Avoid shopping center crowds and waiting lines. 

  • Enjoy convenient parking at Ottawa Bra Clinic right by the door, or opt for a home or online bra fitting session. 

  • Keep your information on file for easy reordering in the future.

Customer Testimonials

 “…Thank you for coming to my home and fitting me with a new bra. This is the second bra I have bought from you. You certainly make a person feel comfortable while being fitted. I do think providing to seniors, or those with disabilities, in their home is a real blessing, and I’m sure much appreciated…” – Affectionately, Ruth M.”

“… offers a very personal service, is understanding and respectful of privacy, and she is knowledgeable about the structure and fabrics that best work to support you.” - Jennifer C.

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Can't come in person?
Or want to preview our products?
Shop online at our online Shopify store:

Interview with certified bra fitter and owner, Michele Bourque

Our Rewards Program


Your perfect fit is our priority, which is why your bra may require alterations by a qualified professional seamstress, arranged for by us, before you take it home.


Enjoy the benefits of our VIP Customer Rewards Program with automatic enrolment.

Orthopaedic bra alterations (available for in person purchases only), if needed on your first bra purchase of the calendar year, are added to your bra price at cost.

When you purchase two (2) or more bras in person within the same calendar year, alterations are free for your second and subsequent bras for that year. Bras do not have to be bought at the same time.


Our bras are Health Canada licensed orthopaedic, and most third-party health insurance plans cover a portion of your orthopaedic or post-surgical bra. Please note that alterations are not usually covered, so it's advisable to check your plan for your specific coverage details.

Schedule your private bra fitting appointment today!

Book your private appointment today through our easy to use booking page (or call or text 613-400-9101).


Whether you prefer the comfort and privacy of our cozy Ottawa Bra Clinic, the convenience of Zoom or Skype fittings from home, or in-person fittings at your own residence*, we've got you covered.

*For seniors and individuals with disabilities, we offer home fittings within a 45-minute radius of Ottawa Airport.



If you are a past customer and need the same alterations, either phone, text or contact me through the website contact form, and order directly through me (the owner Michele Bourque). I have your last alterations on file and I can replicate.


Don't need alterations? Option to buy online at our Shopify website and have it shipped to you.

Your soon-to-be favourite bra or compression wear awaits.


I appreciate all my loyal customers and always look forward to seeing you back again. - Michele

Handy Info
  • I am a certified bra fitter, fully vaccinated and boosted.

  • You can enjoy the convenience of quick and easy laneway parking right by the Ottawa Bra Clinic’s door, in Ottawa’s South Keys neighbourhood.

  • With 145 sizes in stock (ranging from 28A to 44KK), we likely have your perfect fit waiting for you.

  • Experience personalized attention during your fitting as we ensure your bra feels just right. We'll even have you wear your new bra for 10-15 minutes to assess its comfort and note any necessary adjustments. Plus, we'll keep your measurements on file for effortless reordering.

Why an orthopaedic bra?

1.    Optimal Support: Orthopaedic bras are specially designed to provide superior support, particularly for those with larger busts or specific medical needs. The construction and materials used in these bras ensure that the breasts are properly supported and lifted, reducing strain on the back, shoulders, and neck. At Ottawa Bra Clinic, our bras have a Health Canada medical device license. Check your third-party insurance plan to see if some or all of the cost is covered.
2.    Comfort: Comfort is paramount when it comes to undergarments, and orthopaedic bras excel in this aspect. They often feature soft, breathable fabrics and wider straps that distribute weight evenly, minimizing discomfort and irritation. Our larger size bras have wider straps and four hooks in the back instead of three.
3.    Post-Surgery Recovery: For individuals recovering from breast surgery, such as mastectomy or breast augmentation, orthopaedic bras are invaluable. They offer gentle compression, support, and coverage, promoting healing and comfort during the recovery process.
4.    Relief from Pain: Many people experience pain and discomfort associated with wearing ill-fitting or unsupportive bras. Orthopaedic bras address these issues by providing proper alignment and support, which can alleviate back, shoulder, and neck pain.
5.    Improved Posture: A well-fitted orthopaedic bra can help improve posture by encouraging proper spinal alignment and distributing weight evenly across the torso. This can lead to a more comfortable and confident posture throughout the day.
6.    Customization Options: Orthopaedic bras often come in a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate various body types and preferences. This ensures that individuals can find the perfect fit and style to suit their needs and preferences.
7.    Medical Benefits: In addition to providing comfort and support, orthopaedic bras may offer medical benefits such as improved circulation, reduced lymphedema, and minimized risk of skin irritation or injury.
Overall, investing in an orthopaedic bra can significantly enhance comfort, support, and overall well-being, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking optimal breast health and comfort.


In consideration and respect for our clients with compromised immune systems we are still masking for safety...

About in-person fittings: 

For example:

  • I will be wearing a mask and face shield, and I will provide a disposable mask for the client (you are welcome to wear your own mask).

  • Any clothes that are tried on and not purchased will be isolated for 24 hours and steam cleaned before being returned to the main inventory.

  • The tape measure will be sanitized after each client.

  • I practice proper hand washing/use sanitizer.

  • I have been fully vaccinated (plus boosters)

Fittings at The Ottawa Bra Clinic have free parking. Fitting sessions normally range from 15 minutes up to 45 minutes to ensure the perfect style and fit. Fitting sessions, by certified bra fitter/owner Michele Bourque, by Zoom, Skype and in-person at the clinic, are free whether you buy something or not.​

NOTE: If you are not feeling 100% please cancel, even if right before the appointment, and I will do the same.

Thank you.

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