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Our bras are designed to promote proper lymphatic drainage and support breast health by removing the restrictive fit often found in popular store-bought bra styles.
The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in the body's ability to eliminate toxins and damaged cells. It works by circulating lymph, a colorless fluid derived from blood plasma, throughout the body. Lymph collects waste and impurities and transports them to lymph nodes for filtering before returning to the bloodstream.

The underarm lymph nodes, located closest to the breasts, filter approximately 97% of the lymphatic fluid drained from the breasts. Proper positioning of breast tissue is essential for optimal lymphatic drainage. When breast tissue is well-supported and directed forward by a properly fitting bra, lymph nodes are less likely to become compressed or pinched, facilitating better drainage.

In contrast, poorly fitted bras or those with underwire support can inhibit lymphatic flow by compressing delicate lymphatic vessels. This obstruction may lead to fluid buildup and discomfort, particularly in the underarm area.

Our bras address these concerns by:
•    Minimizing pressure on post-surgical scars and preventing the accumulation of lymphatic fluid.
•    Eliminating underwires that can pinch, poke, or restrict circulation and lymphatic flow.
•    Incorporating directional guides to redirect breast tissue towards the front, enhancing lymphatic flow and circulation.


By providing proper support and promoting lymphatic drainage, our bras contribute to overall breast health and comfort.

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