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Our bras remove the restrictive fit of popular store-bought bra styles that can compromise lymphatic drainage and proper breast health.


The body depends largely on the lymphatic system to collect and dispose of the body’s damaged cells and toxins. It does this by modifying a portion of the body’s blood plasma to colorless liquid called lymph which travels throughout the body, collecting damaged cells and toxins. Linking itself to impurities it finds, the lymph travel to the lymph nodes which filter out the toxins and wastes for disposal. The clean filtered lymph returns to the body for further usage.


The underarm lymph nodes (auxiliary nodes) are closest to the breast. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of the lymphatic fluid that drains from the breast is filtered by these important underarm nodes.


The position in which the breast tissue is held is very important to permit proper lymphatic drainage. When the breast tissue is directed forward with the help of a properly supported bra, the lymph nodes are less likely to become pinched or compressed, improving drainage.


When the delicate tubules transporting lymphatic fluid to the lymph nodes are clamped shut because of pressure from a poorly-fitted bra or underwire support, natural drainage of the breast tissue can be compromised. The nodes can “back-up”, sometimes causing lymphatic fluid to collect causing underarm puffiness.


  • Occasionally post-surgical scars can cause breast pain or “pulling”, and pockets of collected lymphatic fluid develop. 

  • Our bra is designed to minimize or eliminate this condition.

  • Our bras have no under wires which tend to pinch, poke and cut off circulation and lymphatic flow. 

  • Our bra has directional guides that help to direct any wayward breast tissue from under the arms and the back, toward the front, increasing lymphatic flow and circulation.


Some of the body’s lymph nodes are located in the shoulders near the armpit and breast area. 97% of your body’s lymph fluid passes through these nodes, and they can easily be pinched or blocked. Providing the proper support to promote lymphatic drainage is a major benefit of our bras.

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