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Guarentee Policy

Guarentee Policy: We stand behind our products. If you discover a defect in material or workmanship within 30 days of purchase, please notify us, and we will gladly exchange your product. Read about our guarentee.

Q. Do you sell gift certificates? 

A: Yes, we offer gift certificates in any amount, perfect for special occasions like Christmas, Mother's Day, or birthdays.

Q. What colours are available for bras?

A. Our bras come in black, beige, and some styles are available in pink. We do not offer white bras.

Q. How are bras covered under insurance?

A. Check with your 3rd party health plan to see if orthopaedic or post-surgery bras are covered. A prescription may be required, and reimbursement procedures vary.

Q. When will I receive my purchase?

A. If your bra fits and is in stock, you can wear it home. Otherwise, alterations or special orders may take up to 15 days. Usually, we carry all bras in all sizes, but not always in every colour. If we don’t have your size and colour, we will order it for you on our next monthly order. Occasionally, some sizes or styles are not available.  

Q. How are shipping charges applied?

A. Delivery to Ottawa Bra Clinic is typically included in the base price. If we don’t have your size/style AND you require an overnight delivery, we may need to charge the courier charges and apply it to your invoice; but if it comes in with our regular bi-monthly shipment then delivery to OBC is free. Additional charges may apply for expedited shipping or special orders. Note: if ordering via online for delivery, instead of in person fitting and pickup, see shipping terms on our website

Q. Will you keep a record of my fitting results for easy reordering?

A. Yes, we keep your size and alterations on file for easy reordering. However, significant weight changes may require remeasuring. A 10-pound weight gain or loss can change your bra size. It is recommended that you get measured every time there is a significant change. If no weight change, you can easily reorder as we keep your size and alterations on file.   

Q. Do you welcome alternative lifestyles?

A. Yes, Ottawa Bra Clinic warmly welcomes LGBTQ clients and referrals. We’re here to fit you with garments that fit regardless of how you may identify. We have fit men, women, gender neutral, LGBTQ etc welcome.

Q. Can your bras be used for sports? 

A. Absolutely! One of the best sports bras available on the market. It has no “bounce” factor due to the fact that it is made without any elastic in the bra or the straps, and is therefore fitted firmly to the body. It also sits above the diaphram which helps open up our breathing capacity, and helps in our physical training and exercise activities. Our bras offer excellent support and comfort, making them ideal for sports activities.

Q. Are your bras suitable for maternity?

A. Yes! Our bras can be used for maternity purposes, offering support and comfort during nursing. Our bras have directional guides and the cover can be undone. Plus, there is no elastic in the bra, so it can not be as flexible as a lycra bra for the beginning stage of breast feeding, but as everything settles, the bra offers the best support for a nursing mother, providing the best circulation possible. Remember to get measured once your milk starts to flow. 

Q. Are your bras suitable for mastectomy clients? 

A. Yes, our bras are designed with a pocket for prosthetics and offer comfort and support for mastectomy clients. Our bras have a pocket sewn into the bra. The prosthetic can be inserted easily into the triangular holder part of the bra, and because there is no elastic in the bra or the straps, the weight of the prosthetic does not stretch out the bra and the straps. This greatly helps to keep the clients posture correct and eliminates much of the shifting of the prosthetic in the bra as the client is wearing the bra.

Q. How should I care for my bra?

A. To guarantee the best wear and long life from your new bra, hand wash with mild soap and air dry for best results and longevity. For example, wash the bra in a basin with warm water and a very mild liquid soap (i.e. Forever New or Zero.) After rinsing it, gently roll it up in a towel to remove the excess water from the bra. Then hang the bra with the shelf exposed to the air for most rapid drying. It will be ready for you to wear in the morning.

Q. When are alterations free?

A. After the 3rd bra purchase in the same calendar year, alterations are free for subsequent bra purchases for the remainder of that year.
Q. What are Ottawa Bra Clinic's Hours of Operation?

A: Fittings are by appointment only, available mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends. To schedule, visit

or telephone 613-400-9101 – SMS Text or call; or


Or send us a message using our Contact Form


Q. Is there parking near the entrance?

A. Yes, free parking is available close to the entrance for easy access.

Q. How do I get to Ottawa Bra Clinic by bus?

A. Plan your route using OC Transpo: 


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