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Our bras promote proper posture by distributing the weight of your bust evenly across your shoulders and back, encouraging balance and alignment. With elastic-free straps, our bras better maintain their fit over time, preventing the stretching that leads to discomfort and improper support. 

Avoiding poorly fitting bras is crucial, as they can contribute to increased breast movement and shoulder stress, hindering your ability to maintain a healthy posture, even during low levels of activity.

How do our bras address issues caused by improperly fitting bras?

  • Non-stretch straps maintain shape and support over time.  

  • Engineered "shelf" design gently lifts breast tissue from underneath.

  • Directional guides ensure optimal circulation of breast tissue, preventing migration to the underarm lymphatic area.

  • Weight of breast tissue is transferred off the shoulders to larger, stronger muscle groups in the lower back and midriff.

  • With our bras, 80% of the weight is distributed across the entire back, reducing strain on the shoulders.

These features provide comfortable sitting, confident standing, and a more relaxed feeling overall.

Other steps to improve your bra health:

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Incorporate cancer-fighting foods into your diet

  • Engage in regular exercise

  • Conduct monthly breast self-exams

  • After age 40, consider mammogram screening, especially if you have dense breasts, and discuss the suitability of ultrasound or MRI scans with your healthcare provider.

A proper fitting bra promotes good posture
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