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Proper Posture with TAB


The TAB bra can provide postural correction by balancing the weight of your bust between your shoulders and across the entire mid-section of your back.


The elastic-free TAB bra straps ensure proper fit through preventing stretching of the fabric which results in 'fitting' in the wrong size bra. 


Poorly fit bras means many women experience greater breast movement and accompanied shoulder stress even at low levels of activity. This does not promote a normal or healthy posture.

How Does the TAB Bra Overcome This?
  • Non-stretch straps allow the bra to retain its shape over time 

  • Engineered “shelf” design provides a gentle lift of breast tissue from underneath

  • Directional guides ensure proper positioning of breast tissue which has a tendency to migrate to the underarm lymphatic area.

  • Breast tissue weight is transferred off the shoulders and onto the larger and stronger muscle groups of the lower back and midriff. With the TAB Bra, 80% of the weight is now carried on the whole of the back and not just on the shoulders. These features allow you to sit comfortably, stand confidently, and feel more relaxed.


Other Steps to Improve your Breast Health


  • Manage your weight

  • Eat a diet rich in cancer-fighting foods

  • Exercising regularly

  • Perform monthly breast self-examinations

  • After the age of 40, have a mammogram (every one to two years)