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TAB Bra and Tank
Finding the Right Size


With the lack of a certified fitter and product knowledge, finding the right size bra at a department store can be a significant challenge. Add in that most stores carry limited sizes so finding the right one can be just plain frustrating. How much money have you wasted on bras that are outright uncomfortable?

With over 145 sizes, three different styles and three different colours, Ottawa Bra Clinic will match you with a suitable bra no matter what your bra issue:


  • Smaller/bigger midriff

  • Larger or smaller breasts

  • Larger back

  • Nursing moms

  • Mastalgia

  • Mastectomy /  lumpectomy

  • Breast reconstruction 


Wrong Size


You are likely in the wrong size if any of the following apply to you:


  • Bra rides up in the back

  • Straps continually fall down

  • Breasts pop out the top of the bra

  • Excess breast tissue under your arms towards your back

  • Breasts pop out when you raise up your arms up or if you bend over

Use a Certified Fitter for a Custom Fit

TAB Bras are custom-fit and orthopedic. They fit differently than store-bought bras. Every woman is unique and we all have a different body. To get the best fit for you, it will be necessary to be measured by a certified TAB bra fitter.

For the perfect fit, your bra may require adjustments or modifications by a qualified seamstress. We have you wear the TAB bra for at least 10-15 minutes, then note any adjustments needed to refine the fit. Adjustments are covered in the price.

Orthopedic custom-fit bras are different. In the beginning you may notice that it feels quite snug and it may feel a little restrictive. It is just like orthotics for the feet (or new jeans). Most women adapt to this new feel in a week or two. 

Your Session 

During your private appointment a certified Bra fitter will measure you and share specialized knowledge of our TAB products. Ottawa Bra Clinic welcomes anyone who needs a professional private bra fitting.