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#1 BRA MYTH: Do bras have to be uncomfortable? (No) / Bra Fitting Demo/Features

Do bras have to be uncomfortable? Not if you get fitted. Wrestling off your over the shoulder boulder holder needn’t be like a great escape attempt from a straight jacket, If yanking off your current bra at the end of the day is like a comedic episode of "Mr. Bean" - and you are fearful that if you were to get stuck you will have to awkwardly greet the rescue team in your undies as they then pry you out using the jaws of life while you laugh uncontrollably with embarrassment .... there's a better way. A way to comfort.

Using a tape measure, and a fitting chart of calculations for cross checking, at the Ottawa Bra Clinic a bra fitting expert can skillfully calculate the best fitting bra for your specific measurements; and with access to 145 bra sizes (28A to 44KK) in front of me, this means you don’t have to settle for the next closest size - you can avoid stuff squishing out the sides or around the back strap trying to escape. With so many sizes in stock, we may have your exact fit already on the shelf.

Unusual dimensions? We tailor your bra if needed, at no additional cost, for made to measure comfort. We specialize in orthopedic, mastectomy, nursing, sports and comfortable everyday support. Don't know what to get someone? A fitted bra makes for a great bridal shower gift. A perfect thoughtful something special for Mother's Day (ask about gift certificates.) Or that special "Thinking of You" for someone who has undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy - we have bras and bra fillers.)

Yes, the holy grail of bra comfort is within reach. And if you have health issues that can be helped by an orthopedic bra, ask your doctor for a prescription - our bras are licensed for medical use so check with your insurance provider to see about possible coverage for an orthopaedic licensed bra.

Watch a bra fitting demonstration video above of me at the Ottawa Bra Clinic. Some of the features of our bras are described. Do you have any questions about the fitting process? Funny or not please ask. If you have questions, likely others are wondering too. Let’s talk about it. What are your bra issues? Or book a bra fitting to chat in private about your bra needs, call or SMS cell: 613-400-9101. Check out our newly updated online store for bras, compression garments and active/energywear. I look forward to meeting you/or seeing you again. Comfortable bras are possible. - Michele Bourque, Ottawa Bra Clinic

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