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10 things that say … it’s time for a new bra

10 things that say … it’s time for a new bra

- The elastic in your straps just isn’t staying up anymore

- There is no more support in your newest bra

- The boobs are hanging low and you are looking a little frumpy in your clothes

- You have a sore back, sore neck or sore shoulders

- You haven’t gone bra shopping in more than one year

- You’re going to attend a special event and you need to look great in your new dress

- The tag on your bra is so old, you can’t even tell or remember your size

- You’ve gained or lost approximately 15 pounds

- You are popping out the top of your bra

- Your boobs are moving under your arms

A new bra, especially if you have the right size, can make you look and feel so much better. The key to the right size, is getting measured. I am a certified bra fitter and can answer so many questions about bras and compression wear. Make your personalized fitting appointment for a new bra today by going to our website to book or calling 613-400-9101

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