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How Are you Doing? Compression Wear & You

I’m guessing covid fatigue has set in on many of you. If you are staying home or if you are working from home I’m sure it is very challenging to sit in front of a computer all day long.

I’m guessing many of you are not getting adequate exercise, possibly over snacking and gaining a few (or more) extra pounds and maybe you are even lacking the energy to even attempt to change the situation.

I have a solution.

Ottawa Bra Clinic has compression support garments that can help. These light compression support garments can help to circulate your blood so you actually have less pain and body aches and you will likely feel like you even have more energy. Yes it’s true. If you wear your PJ’S or very loose fitting clothes 24/7, you may start to slump, your posture may decline, you may start to get aches and pain, and it may even interfere with proper deep breathing.

I invite you to try our Firma Energywear garments. Start with the tank top and the capris. Many of my customers LOVE the Firma Compression Support garments. You will notice the slight tingling sensation that you get when you wear these garments - the light compression circulates your blood and this help to reduce aches and pain. Not only that, but you will feel the support and comfort these garments provide.

Hopefully when you feel more energy, you can get more exercise now that the nicer weather is just around the corner. A bonus, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are actively seeking ways to look and feel better.

These compression support garments may be covered under your third party health plan … ask your physician for a prescription for compression support garments (a top and a bottom), then place your order at or book an appointment at

Wishing you motivation, good health & self-care,

Michele Bourque

Owner & Certified Bra Fitter

Ottawa Bra Clinic

P.S., know a healthcare worker or other special person that you want to send a special thanks to? Emailable gift cards are available to buy at


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