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What … my bra could be covered by insurance!!!

Did you know some bras are eligible to be covered under 3rd party health insurance plans? Yes indeed.

The bras sold at the Ottawa Bra Clinic have a medical device license from Health Canada. What does that mean? It means if you have an insurance plan and you have a valid medical reason, you can get coverage or partial coverage for your bra. If you or your physician feel you NEED an orthopaedic bra or a post-surgical bra, DUE TO A MEDICAL REASON, like perhaps, a sore back, sore shoulders or a sore neck, scoliosis, surgery, implants, breast reduction, mastectomy, lumpectomy, mastalgia or another valid reason (as viewed by your physician) AND you can get a prescription from your physician for an orthopaedic or post-surgical bra, it could be covered.

Various health insurance plans (through your work) offer different levels of coverage for their members. It could be two bras per year. It could be 50%-80% reimbursement. It could be one bra per year.

Check your plan to see what your eligibility level is.

Call today for additional information T. 613-400-9101. But hurry, time is running out for this year.

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