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  • Michele Bourque

Main Benefits of Our Bra

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Amazing Breast Health, Support and Comfort

Our product line offers amazing advantages over the typical store bought bra. When you are measured and you are fit properly with a suitable bra for you, you will see the difference and feel the support and amazing comfort right away.

Our bra offers a superior design and excellent quality. These bras are for women valuing health, comfort and shape.

The seamed bra provides:

  • Optimal lifting support

  • No elastic or under wire to pinch, poke or chafe delicate skin

  • Strong woven cotton straps (no elastic)

  • Amazing comfort

  • Smooth microfiber construction on the seamless bra

  • Lined with soft cotton on the seamed bra

  • Reduces strain and stress on your shoulders and neck

  • Increases lymphatic drainage and flow

  • Improves breathing; more efficient, easier and deeper breathing for enhanced respiration; our bra sits above the diaphragm so there is no pressure and strain on diaphragm and respiratory system

  • A “shelf” provides superior support from under the breast rather than from the shoulders

  • Directional guides help encapsulate the breast tissue in front where it is supposed to be (not under your arms) which helps to increase circulation

  • Fits lower on the back to more evenly distribute the weight of the breasts across the whole back

  • Sits above the diaphragm so there is no pressure and strain on your diaphragm and respiratory system

  • Helps with postural correction

  • Increases breast circulation

  • Optimal breast health

  • Proper tissue balance

  • Promotes good posture with reduced shoulder and back pain

  • Significantly eliminates rubbing, chaffing, cutting or digging in.

  • Excellent for casual, sports, exercise and business wear (no bounce).

  • Nursing and Mastectomy compliant

  • Fully engineered designed by a woman

  • Sewn-in pocket on the bra secures prosthetic insert of various sizes

  • Soft cotton next to the breast tissue for those with sensitivities

  • Your clothes will fit you better and it can make you look thinner

  • Three styles, three colours (beige, black and pink) and designed to fit every size and shape (sizes 28A to 44K)

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