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5 Signs You are Wearing the Wrong Size Bra and Your Bra Fitting Solution

Figuring out what size you are can be a frustrating experience. Plus it does not help that each brand uses different numbers to identify the size of the bra.  For example, a 38C in one brand does not mean you will be 38C in another brand.  This doesn't help when you are out shopping and trying to identify your size. 


But, there are some common signs that you are wearing the wrong size bra.

1.  Your breasts are spilling out over the cups or there are gaps between the cups and your breasts.

2.  Your bra band is riding up your back, or it is too tight and you can’t fit two fingers underneath it.

3.  Your bra straps are digging into your shoulders, or they are sliding off your shoulders.

4.  Your bra is not lying flat against your chest, or your breasts are falling out the bottom of your bra.

5.  Your bra is causing you discomfort, pain, or irritation.

To find the right bra size, it is always best to start with a measuring tape and of course a professional bra fitter can help. 

Book a bra fitting appointment at or call 613-400-9101. Fittings are by certified bra fitter/owner of the Ottawa Bra Clinic, Michele Bourque. Several bra styles and colours to choose from. If purchased in person, alterations of our bras can be arranged through the Ottawa Bra Clinic at time of purchase. To view our bra styles and compression wear in advance, go to our Shopify store at

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