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She is so special, what can I get her for Christmas?

Thoughtfulness, comfort and support never go out of style. A comfortable bra is something women quest for … comfortable bras are like mythical unicorns. The Ottawa Bra Clinic has them! They are called orthopaedic licensed bras, so well-constructed they don’t need wires to support you.

Doing what you can to make life better for someone shows you care. Looking out for them. With less than two weeks to go before Christmas, there is so much to do and so little time to do it … so I’m making it easy for you. I can hand deliver a Gift Certificate in a bow-decorated envelope to you or your recipient in Ottawa, for a private boutique-style bra fitting, bra alterations and bra purchase, date to be arranged later if you don’t know when at time of purchase. The home visit can be for up to a 1-hour drive from Ottawa in any direction, and I’ll get the bra delivered to you at no extra charge when the alterations are done if any are needed.

Since she is a special woman in your life (whether she is your mother, daughter, sister, your wife or significant other) you want to get her something special that she will be happy to receive and maybe wouldn’t pamper herself with as these are really special. She sure will appreciate the comfort of a custom-fit bra, made to fit her and only her, especially because it came from you. So many neck pains and shoulder problems can be eased by having proper support. A wardrobe can suddenly be revitalized when the girls are in a well-fitting bra! Feel good, look good and your day is positively impacted.

If she decides she would rather spend the gift certificate on compression support garments that’s ok too. You can check out the products I have at (note that the online gift certificates that are emailable, are only good for products on that website and do not include alterations, so if you are in the Ottawa area, call or email me for the hard copy Gift Certificate).

I am happy to make your shopping easy. Simply contact me with your credit card to purchase your Gift Certificate with Bow, and I will drop off the gift certificate to either you or the recipient as you wish within 24 hours. That will be one more gift taken care of to strike off your list … now how many more gifts do you have to get?

By the way, your special lady can schedule her fitting at her convenience either before, during or after Christmas and if needed I can go to her with my measuring tape and a few options for her to consider (provided we are not in lock down). Varying styles - orthopaedic bras for everyday comfort, post-surgical (mastectomy/lumpectomy), sports, nursing etc. Super soft cotton against the breast areas, optimized design and tailored alterations make our bras that unicorn we all want to find. SO many in stock. Sizes 28A – 44KK.

Wishing all my past present and future clients health & happiness!

Michele Bourque, Owner/Certified Bra Fitter, Ottawa Bra Clinic


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