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SPRING IS IN THE AIR. Yippy. And that means, thankfully, that with the nicer weather, opportunities to get out into the fresh air and be seen, are going to be more frequent.

When we are pulling out our lighter clothing, we may notice that those cute tops, and slick shorts, may not fit as well anymore because we have gained a few extra pounds. An old bra - too snug, gaps, lack of support, all this can be discouraging; spillage of extra skin out the sides, can impact our appearance and in turn hamper our will to go out.

If you, like most of us, have been stuck inside A LOT this winter, it can be hard to find the will to get out there. Maybe it’s been too easy to not find the get-up-and-go needed to do some physical exercise on a regular basis, and of course a little extra nibble here and there isn’t good for maintaining a healthy weight. But all too often, food equals comfort. And haven’t we all needed that, especially over the past two years? Maybe our bras don’t fit like they used to … a change by 10 pounds will usually mean our bra size has changed and need to be replaced.

Maybe we don’t notice the extra pounds adding on. Let’s do something about it together. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and start getting back into shape. Even starting small can garner results down the road. We can start to feel better and start dropping some unwelcome pounds. Even 30 minutes a day can start us on the road to getting back into shape (consult your doctor as to what is appropriate for your specific state.) Something that gets our heart rate going can be great - and I’m not talking about huffing and puffing. I mean walking quickly, so our brow is slightly sweating, or turning on the radio and dancing to the oldies, or, even marching on spot. Lifting weights – even cans of food can be used (how ironic eh?) … We need to start moving our body around so that it is more flexible and pliable and the bonus, we end up losing a few pounds. Starting somewhere can help propel us into wanting to do more. Goal setting – the gateway motivator.

As we become more aware of our appearance, and want to look good for the nicer weather, nothing says out of shape like an old out of shape bra. Even the highest quality bras can only last so long. A great bra can be supportive of your goals. Help relieve weight strain on your shoulders from carrying your boob(s.) Our built-in guides help channel and support. Their great design removes any need for underwires, so our bras promote circulation of blood flow, important for proper lymph node drainage.

Call or go online today and book a bra fitting so you can get fitted into an orthopaedic bra. You want the tools to help you keep your exercise goals moving in the right direction.

Daily exercise has been recognized as helpful in what you can do to help reduce the risk of breast cancer. And/or maybe you just need to replace old faithful. I’d love to see you either way. And hey, compression wear – alias shapewear is great to neatly package what ya got.

If you have a doctor’s prescription for an orthopaedic bra, some third-party health insurances cover the cost of orthopaedic bras and compression wear. Our products have a medical license.

Our bra sizes are 28A to 44KK. We are all unique and it is common for one breast to be slightly different in size. There are fillers that can even out the appearance. Bra alterations, if needed at time of purchase, are included and are taken care of for you.

We also sell compression wear tops, slips, bottoms, socks, compression bands for arms, legs, ankles etc.

From May 4th to 14th, with your in-person purchase, receive a single flower gift to help welcome spring.

Come visit me, by appointment only. What a greatly productive outing, and there is free parking by the door!

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